Shelter Cove Fire Department


Proudly serving the community of Shelter Cove and the Lost Coast

For any Emergency, Please Dial 911.

Who We Are

Providing fire, rescue, and EMS services for Humboldt County’s Lost Coast, Shelter Cove Fire is an all risk volunteer fire department under the Resort Improvement District No. 1.

The Shelter Cove Fire Department Covers a 49 square mile district with around 700 homes and buildings including 9 hotel/motels, 2 public beaches, and  Shelter Cove Airport. The Shelter Cove Fire Department covers this district with 4 fire engines, 1 ambulance, 2 ATV rescue units, and 3 ocean rescue units. SCFD responds to around 200 calls for service every year including fires, medical emergencies, rescues, and hazmat incidents.

The fire department also helps to maintain one of Southern Humboldt’s only fully hydranted communities with 235 fire hydrants and 2 million gallons of stored water.

Mission Statement: The mission of The Shelter Cove Fire Department is to provide the upmost level of medical fire and rescue services to the residents and visitors of Shelter Cove.

Vision Statement: It is our vision to be known as an innovative and progressive volunteer fire department. We are dedicated to the delivery of effective fire suppression activities, medical rescue services, technical rescue operations, and quality fire safety education and prevention to the public. We strive to offer the best available education and training to our members, and we are committed to providing an environment which fosters teamwork amongst our diverse members. We desire to have an atmosphere of open communication which promotes the health and welfare of individual members. See our Face Book Page for up-to-the-minute news:




We Are There For You!

  • 24/7 Fire, Medical, and Rescue
  • Response Times Under 5 minutes
  • Paramedic or EMT Medical Response
  • State Fire Marshal Level Structure Fire Response
  • Wild Land Fire Response
  • Vehicle Accident Response and Advanced Extrication capabilities
  • Ocean and Technical Rescue Response
  • Public Assists and Vehicle Lockout Response
  • Community CPR Classes
  • Full Time Staffed Fire Engine

We Cannot Do This Alone

  • Make sure your address is clearly posted
  • Clear all flammable debris from around your home
  • Check and test smoke and CO detectors
  • State Fire Marshal Level Structure Fire Response
  • Have a to go bag ready
  • If you have an emergency