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Living on the Lost Coast

Shelter Cove is located behind the Redwood Curtain in the heart of California’s Lost Coast region; a gateway to the  Lost Coast Trail.

Our Mission

Resort Improvement District No. 1 provides reliable electric, water, and wastewater utility services, fire protection and emergency medical services, and management of greenbelt and public recreation within Shelter Cove

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We provide the community of Shelter Cove with clean drinking water obtained from Telegraph Creek, Rick Spring and water wells located throughout the sub-division. The district maintains 11 storage tanks (welded steel and redwood) ranging in size from 0.03 MG to 1 MG. The distribution system consists of approximately 44 miles of water main of varying size. The majority of the distribution system is asbestos cement (AC) pipe, but some above ground cross-country steel and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is also present.


Our wastewater treatment plant serves the lower portion of Shelter Cove. The service includes wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal. RID’s collection system incorporates both gravity mains and nine lift stations. The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) consists of coarse screening, two oxidation ditches, two clarifiers, and chlorination/de-chlorination facilities.



The RID purchases wholesale electricity from Western Area Power Authority to deliver to its residents. Power is transmitted through a district owned 7-mile inter tie line, beginning at a PG&E recloser located near the Mattole River bridge in Whitethorn and terminating at the district’s sub-station. Electricity is distributed to customers through 4.5 miles of underground cable in the flat lower elevations of the Cove and over 37 miles of pole line in steep areas. The RID's generator building located on Shelter Cove Road contains three emergency generators that are used to power the entire community during Cove wide power outages.

Utility Conservation Plan

View the PDF below for Utility Conservation Plan Implementation on Electricity Supply, Water supply and Sewer Services