Playgrounds, Parks,
& Greenbelt

Children’s Playground

The Shelter Cove Children’s Playground is located on the ocean side of the Fire Station at 9126 Shelter Cove Road – Constructed in 2005 and funded by CA State Per Capita grant, Mclean Foundation grant, RID funds, and private donations. The playground contains swings, a jungle gym, and bouncy riders.

Open during daylight hours every day of the year.

Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden was Constructed in 2022 on the ocean side of the Clubhouse at 1555 Upper Pacific Drive.

Open during daylight hours every day of the year. 

Children's Garden

Nature & Fitness Trails

Built with help from local civic groups including Shelter Cove Arts & Recreation Foundation (SCARF) & Shelter Cove Pioneers and community volunteers and District staff.

The District has three (3) public use trails – Nature Trail, Bill Franklin Trail and the Fitness Trail.

  • Nature Trail - Open to foot travel only.
  • Bill Franklin Trail - Open to foot travel only.
  • Fitness Trail – Open to foot and bicycles.

All trails are closed to motorized use.


1,186 acres of District owned public lands on 161 separate parcels spread throughout Shelter Cove subdivision. Greenbelt lands include coastal beaches & rocky headlands, forest, prairie, and riparian environments providing habitat and clean water for a diverse range of animal and plant species.

Greenbelt lands are managed in accordance with RID policy #3060 – Management of RID Greenbelt Properties.

Greenbelt lands are open to the public for general recreational use. Hunting and harvesting are permitted as provided under California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife law. Discharge of firearms for purposes other than the legal taking of game is not permitted and strictly prohibited.

Shelter Cove property owners wanting to help manage (vegetation maintenance) connecting greenbelt lands must apply for an encroachment permit with the District.