Shelter Cove Airport

Shelter Cove Airport Status:

Open with No additional restrictions

Airport Info

Shelter Cove Airport (0Q5) is a public, non-towered, VFR, 3,407-foot-long airport with 21 tie-downs for parking of aircraft.

The airport runway, taxiway, and (north & south) parking aprons are surrounded by the Shelter Cove Golf Links course and residential housing. This unique and challenging airport setting rewards aviators (and their guests) and provides convenient access to most services in Shelter Cove.

  • Daytime only use of runway and taxiway. Overnight parking of aircraft permitted.  
  • There are no landing or parking fees for using Shelter Cove Airport.    
  • District General Manager is the manager of Shelter Cove Airport. 
  • In flight violations of aircraft are reportable to the Oakland, CA FAA office.