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Stranded Hikers and dogs rescued from No-Pass 1/29/12:


Burn Pile Escapes to Wild lands/Suppressed by SCFD 10/18/11:



Another Successful rescue by the Volunteers of Shelter Cove's Fire Department.

The rescue crew was ready to repel over the bluff, but found a way to rescue from the bottom taking advantage of the low but rising tide.  This pooch would have been fish bait had he not been rescued.



At approximately 2 PM on Friday March 19, 2010 a residential structure fire was reported in Shelter Cove. The Resort Improvement District utility crew and volunteer firefighters did a great job of team work on this incident.  The District and residents of Shelter Cove are very lucky to have such dedicated professionals looking out for us and we thank them. 


On November 20, 2009 a 22-year old woman, visiting from Las Vegas, was washed off the bluff near Abalone Point while taking photographs.  The strong current and turbulent conditions washed her out to sea as companions watched in shock from shore.  The surf was pounding the coastline, making a return swim to the beach hazardous if not impossible.  Friends of the victim called 911 and the Sherriff’s office sent resident deputy Robert Hamilton to investigate.  Another witness phoned the Shelter Cove Fire Department and reported the incident to Duty Officer Tim Olsen.  By this time, the woman had drifted more than 100 yards from shore.  Tim Olsen called for a Coast Guard helicopter and paged the Shelter Cove Fire Department for ocean rescue operations.  Less than 15 minutes after the fire department pagers sounded, Shelter Cove’s Ocean Rescue Team was suited up and ready to launch the 17-ft jet boat.  By then the victim had drifted out to sea nearly a quarter mile making it difficult for observers on shore to keep track of her in between large swells.  Ocean rescue team members Frank Wilson, Cassidy Etter and Seth Ayers manned the jet boat and traveled approximately two miles in record time through sloppy seas to the last known location of the victim.  The victim had struggled for more than 30-minutes in frigid water wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and leather boots. Rescuers had difficulty locating the victim due to choppy conditions and required assistance from spotters on shore. Captain Will Salter radioed course adjustments to the rescue boat that sent them farther out to sea until they spotted the swimmer and pulled her aboard.   The rescue boat returned without incident and the crew assisted the grateful passenger to the awaiting ambulance.  The Coast Guard Helicopter landed at Shelter Cove Airport a few minutes later and the victim was airlifted to St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka and treated for hypothermia.


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